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These are " horizontal stabilizer reinforcements"!  These may help hold the tail together should the AN 4 bolt ever break.  These are CNC cut and made from Stainless steel. They will bolt right on and are an exact fit for the front and rear..  As you can see in the picture you may have to relocate your Dorsal fin bracket down an inch.  I recommend these on older high time airframes.  The Challenger is a solid aircraft but AN bolts can, over time break due to being over-tightened.  This will not show up on a pre flight or an annual condition insp.  This is 1 modification that may save your life!      I will be selling them at $20 a pair, that will include shipping!  Get your order in as soon as you can and I will get a set sent off to you.   Cash works but I can take a check for the amount.  just make your check out to Jim Robinson. 

We have installed several sets on Challengers, both single and the 2 place, here at Erie Airpark.    Fly safe!  Jim Robinson. 

Complete QC Challenger engine package.
Rebuilt 0 time Rotax 503, DCDI, Dual carb, New fuel pump, Electric start, Tower drive with 60-46 Tennessee woody, Exhaust, and Engine mount.
Call Brian DeWitte at 309-738-3791

ChI CWS ready to fly, LSA legal 8 grand! 

ChI  long wing 503 with 17 gal. tank  Will sell for 9 grand OBO.

ChI CWS, less engine painted yellow.  this could make a good UL.  4 grand.

Contact me if you want to get started flying and I will help you get more info.  Jim.

 Challenger Ultralight

Sold but call for availability.

We have the factory owned Challenger Ultralight here at Erie Airpark and it is for sale! 23 hp Hirth and 103 legal.

Call Jim at the Airpark or Dave at Challenger Factory. Fly it home for $14,000. and no FAA.

Challenger Ultralight
  • 31.5 ft wingspan
  • Great on floats and for soaring
  • 265 lb. payload
  • Up to 1,000 fpm climb
  • 25 mph cross-wind capability
  • 55-80 mph cruise speed
  • Qualifies for Part 103 with Hirth F-33 or ...
  • 51% kit for Experimental - Amateur-Built
  • Can be flown with Sport Pilot Permit
  • Qualifies as Light Sport Aircraft
  • Quick-build kits from $9,215 to $12,965 ex engine/prop
  • Power packs for Hirth F-33, Rotax 447/503/582, HKS 700E
  • Available via sub-kits - start with a tail for about a grand!
  • Order Info Pack for details!

  • Hot Air Balloon (one place)


    There is a new breed of recreational airship taking flight on the fringes of aviation. These blimps are intended for fun, not transport. The key innovation: substituting hot air for helium or hydrogen as a lifting gas. Hydrogen, the lightest element, is dangerously combustible. Helium, though inert, is expensive. If an airship uses hot air, as balloons do, you can just let the air escape at the end of each flight, fold up the envelope and store it. "Here you have a corner of aviation that has been dormant for decades, for generations. What we've come up with is a disruptive technology."

    Call Jim today.

    309-659-2721  Cell - 309-230-0944

    RAD  Challenger Nosecones

    2 place $325.  installed  $450

    1 place $300.  installed $425

    Robinson Roaster Aircraft heater for Rotax© engines. We have them at the airpark and we will ship one out for you. Comes with instructions. $30.00 + $5.00 S&H.

    I have a set of floats for sale complete and ready to install.  The price is $4500.00.  They include brakes and water rudder.  Pick them up at Erie or I will install them for a small fee. JR

    We hope to have these available someday.

    Not that easy to make.



    Looking for something?  Maybe I could help you find it. Call or e-mail me and I'll see what I can do to help.

    e-mail Jim today






    Carmen Whitehead stopped in to show a new Challenger model he made.




    Contact Jim if you want one.